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Branndon Jackson


Branndon Jackson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and moved to Detroit, Michigan, before making the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area home. His diverse upbringing allowed him to culminate the values and work ethic he learned from growing up in the midwest with the political savvy of the nation's capital.

Growing up in the inner city, Branndon faced insurmountable odds such as financial and economic instability, violence, crime, and family challenges. Yet, Branndon knew that education could change his entire trajectory.

After graduating from high school, Branndon attended Alabama A&M University, where his life changed in more ways than one. During his second semester, while attempting to save his friend with cerebral palsy from a speeding car, Branndon was involved in an accident that left him with 17 broken bones, a severe head bleed, and in a coma. Due to his injuries, Branndon could no longer attend school or pursue his dreams of basketball and had to return to the crime-ridden environment he fought so hard to overcome. During this time, he pushed himself to learn how to walk and become completely independent again. Branndon fully credits his recovery to his trust and faith in God and the unconditional support of his family.


Before his healing process was complete, Branndon went against his doctor's wishes and enrolled in college for the summer semester. The freshman who came in with dreams and ambitions of changing his future and community did not let this life-changing accident derail his goals. He went on to serve as Senior Class President of the Student Government Association, started advocacy groups to better serve the student population, and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Economics. 

Now, as an Economist by discipline, Branndon has worked to promote economic empowerment in the Washington DC metropolitan area and on an international platform. In addition, Branndon currently serves as the Resident Economist for the Prince George's County Workforce Development Committee. In this role, he works to identify opportunities to strengthen Prince George's County workforce and create partnerships with institutions that could leverage the strategic human capital of the County. Branndon also works for a Fortune 100 company, mainly focusing on connected communities and smart city infrastructure.

Branndon leverages his talent to advocate for economic issues like food equity, access to capital, and business development domestically and internationally. He partners with various organizations: NAACP, Prince George's County Mutual Aid, P.G. County Get out the Vote, P.G. Change Makers, Just-Us, and Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. to engage the community.

Branndon acquired his educational background from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and McDonough School of Business (M.A.); Johns Hopkins Carey Business School (MBA); and Alabama A&M University New School of Business (B.S.).

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